Christopher Waldhaus

Personal training is about you having structure, support, accountability and motivation. It’s about integrating a healthy approach to training and to your nutrition. I don’t believe in fad diets or gimmicky workouts. I don’t believe in magic pills or the new cream that does x, y, z. I believe in training smart, in having the right tools and the right mindset. My coaching program removes all the guess work.

I don’t ever impose my own goals on a client. I’m not biased towards any specific training system. What training system(s) will work for you are the ones that will get you results in the quickest and safest way possible. Let me give you all the information you need in a way that is simple to understand. I’m not here only to count reps, in fact sometimes I don’t. I don’t want to train you, I want to teach you. I want to challenge you both mentally and physically. If you want to learn, if you want to work hard and have fun (sometimes it’s not) at the same time then my coaching program is for you. Contact me to schedule a consultation.

I combine an aggressive exercise program that covers accuracy, agility, balance, coordination, cardio-respiratory endurance, flexibility, strength, stamina, speed, mobility, and power . A well rounded nutrition plan with positive lifestyle behaviors and you have all the elements needed for successful results. I believe fitness should be fun. If you are having fun you forget you are working out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer nutrition plans?
While I am not a licensed nutritionist and can’t recommend exact caloric intake, I can guide you in making intelligent food choices and how and when to combine these foods.
Which diet plans do you recommend?
I dislike the word “diet”. Diets don't work. You have to find a meal plan that works for you. Something you can do five out of seven days a week. There are many eating plans that work. But what works for me, might not work for everyone. Try to eat with a purpose, eat for function. We can experiment with different meal plans and see what works for you and what is conducive to your lifestyle. Pretend your body is a Nascar, food is fuel, fill your body with the most premium gas you can find. What we eat has a profound impact on our overal health, including the health of our joints and bones. Nourishing the body with vitamins and minerals becomes increasingly more important as you age. One of the reasons why training programs fail is that people are not aware of what they eat, when they eat it, and how much they are eating throughout the day.
Do you offer specialized training?
Yes, I offer specialized classes centered around kettlebell training, functional body building, and basic MMA. These sessions are typically 30-45 minutes long.
Do you offer group training specials?
Yes, I do. In addition to my small group training program, I may have additional training specials, contact me to learn more.
How do I get started with you?

We would start with a subjective assessment sheet that asks for personal information about your daily life, hobbies, goals, etc. I ask that you answer each question in detail and give me as much information as you can. The more information you can give me, the better!

I would like to meet you in person to go over the following:

  1. Goals.
  2. Review answered forms together.
  3. Review nutrition and lifestyle behaviors.
  4. Assessment.
  5. Set up appointment dates a month in advance if possible.
  6. Discuss monthly reassessment.
  7. Explain how my program will work to achieve your goal and your purpose.